04.19.2018 – Private Banking Disruption : Solutions for Finance™ 3.0 is the dynamic management tool designed for executives

Private Banking Disruption

An innovative IT solution allows bank managers to see the profitability of various activities at any time. A synthetic view focused on essential information is crucial when managing transformation processes of financial institutions. “Today, transformations need to happen much faster than in the past, with almost immediate follow-up,” says Cédric Aeberli, CEO of Integraal Solutions and designer of Solutions for Finance 3.0.


The data exists, but it’s everywhere.

This suite processes the data executives need, regardless of its source, be it an Excel spreadsheet or a standard banking solution such as Avaloq, Apsys, Olympic, Allocare, Equalizer, etc. Solutions for Finance 3.0 is already integrated with the most common banking platforms and can process numerous other sources. For example, a CRM system is as much a data source as indications from the front or back office.

Solutions for Finance can also be a sales medium. It all depends on what the customer wants to do, what features they require, while also offering the possibility to present the same information under several different formats, depending on the business user needs,” insists Cédric Aeberli.