20.06.2019 – How to get back your data from your Avaloq BPO (ASSL) infrastructure?

The Staging Area: SMART or not SMART?

We have heard many times in many different business contexts the same question: is there an easy way to get back my data?

We have access to our ‘Staging‘ but it’s not so easy to find what we are really looking for.

Well, we have seen a lot of frustration when our clients were first looking at their data through a complex and not-really-standard data staging.

Everything should be there but it is not so SMART to get the right information at the right time… without having to create dozens of tickets.

This is your Data!

After many years and many projets, we are now confident that having back your data ‘at home’ is much more than a nice to have project. It’s a ‘must have’ that will give you much more flexibility and independence to use YOUR data. The real question is ‘When?’ not ‘Why?’…

Those last 4 years we had strong experiences working with those staging-data: some were good and some other were painful. Not because of technical issues but more about data understanding, data availability and data quality.

“When using our data in several business contexts, we need to be sure that they are correct and consistent.”, says COO of a Geneva based private bank.

Since many years we understood that Data Quality is the main major challenge. We designed in 2012 the foundation of what should be a ‘data integration engine‘ : the ‘Data Foundation Framework’ was born. Today, we are proud to say that our solution is now ‘running’ in more than 10 prestigious banking and financial companies.

They can now focus on the real business challenge instead of reworking complex extractions in Excel. Our clients have then more time to get the real business understanding and of course make the best decision based on facts, not only assumptions.

What’s the mission?

The whole organization has to get the same understanding and vision of the data.

“At the end, it’s always a question of people! What will they do (or understand) on a daily basis with the vision, the mission and the strategy of the company.”, says CEO of a large Swiss financial institution. 

A common vision and understanding of the data is just the first step to reach this target.

“We first have to speak the same language.”, says CEO of a large middle-east private bank.

The Avaloq Connector, your data is back!

Back to the first question, using an open and modern ‘Data Foundation Framework’ coupled with a robust ‘Avaloq Connector’, our clients have now a complete, consistent and reliable on-premise unified data repository. “Your data is back! Ready to be used, ready to be transformed in real ‘Assets’ and ready to support your numerous business needs.”, says Cédric Aeberli CEO of Integraal Solutions.