Collaborative Edition

‘Haute-Couture’ For Business Needs

‘Collaborative Edition’ enables business experts to independently create ad-hoc, collaborative, and “storytelling”-oriented solutions.

Solutions for Finance ‘The Collaborative Edition’
Introduction with Cédric Aeberli, CEO and Natacha Carucci, Business Development Manager.

Answering the next question

Create and share experience, a win-win approach.

‘Collaborative Edition’ gives your organization more flexibility and autonomy to take control of your data and create your own dashboards and relevant displays.

Increased user experience with more flexibility and opportunities directly in the hands of business teams so that they can respond independently to the famous next question.

Based on the same data repository as ‘Corporate Edition’, ‘Collaborative Edition’ uses the same KPIs and, of course, the same data dictionary: a common language and a common vision of the company’s relevant elements.

The art of storytelling

A visual, dynamic, and interactive approach.

Storytelling: using the power of a visual, dynamic, and interactive approach to immerse the audience in the heart of the subject. Support your comments by developing a scenario based on factual data and visuals that corroborate your approach.

Available via a “collaborative secure portal”, we work with you to develop components ready to be integrated into your own applications. Users are free to design and use over 200 performance indicators and integrate these into new visuals, existing components, lists, and more.

The goal is always the same: better control the information system, better understand your data to support your business processes, your business strategy, and your transformation processes.