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Integraal Solutions is a company based in Switzerland since 2009. We are editor of the software ‘Solutions for Finance’, a data management and analysis tool in the banking world.

Experts for many years in this sector, the software is based on the ‘Framework Edition’ which ensures, thanks to the standard connectors on the main banking solutions of the market such as’ Avaloq (ASSL) ‘,’ Olympic (Eri Banking) ‘,’ Apsys (New Access) ‘,’ Allocare AMS (Allocare) the quality and the business coherence of your indicators. From a user experience point of view, we have integrated standard and recognized data visualiza- tion tools of the market. The ‘Corporate Edition’ offers interactive, dynamic and ready-to-use applications, while the ‘Collaborative Edition’ allows business experts to independently create ad-hoc, collaborative and storytelling-oriented solutions.

Integraal Solutions
rue Eugène-Marziano 15

1227 Les Acacias – GE
T +41 22 310 50 40

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