Corporate Edition

Ready-To-Use Banking Dashboards

‘Corporate Edition’ offers interactive, dynamic, and ready-to-use business dashboards made by banking executives for banking executives.

Solutions for Finance ‘The Corporate Edition’
Introduction with Cédric Aeberli, CEO and Sébastien Zambianchi, Product Manager.

Banking applications made for business

A steering solution to support your strategic objectives and your operational needs

‘Corporate Edition’ offers interactive, dynamic, and ready-to-use applications designed with banking executives in mind: over 10 years of experience and feedback from our eco-system to build a solution that quickly responds to the essentials of your business needs.

Using a 360° view of the operation details, the applications bring answers to the questions asked by today’s managers.

Solutions For Finance offers relevant applications for operational teams and sales force as well as various managers, respecting their requirements and their visions. Over 200 standard KPIs are available from existing and business-oriented applications. It’s about having a basic solution that is proven and chosen by a growing community of users. User experience is at the center of our approach and allows us to deploy applications that meet real needs.

Facilitating decision-making and getting the right information at the right time

Based on ‘Framework Edition’ or your existing data warehouse, ‘Corporate Edition’ provides indicators and visualizations that represent your activities. Using your information system and understanding your data means better meeting your operational needs and supporting your strategy and your transformation processes.

Available applications

The Corporate Edition brings more than 30 standard applications designed for banking executives.

Wealth Management Dashboard

Head of PB Dashboard

DeskHead Dashboard

RM Dashboard

EAM Dashboard

Asset Management Dashboard

Revenue Management Dashboard

Profitability Management Dashboard

Tax Management Dashboard

Product Management Dashboard

Advisory Management Dashboard

Risk Management Dashboard

Compliance Management Dashboard