11.30.2017 – Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) SA chooses Solutions for Finance ™

In the context of a “Global MIS”, Hinduja Banque (Suisse) SA choose “Solutions for Finance 3.0” based on their “BPO Avaloq (ASSL)” solution. The MIS solution thus deployed is clearly in line with the new strategy of the bank, supported by its new COO.

We are particularly proud of this project which allows us to deploy for the second time in 2017 our standard solution for a bank of the “Avaloq community” says Cédric Aeberli, Founder of the Integraal Solutions company.

Due to the complexity of the data of such a project, our ‘Data Management’ module is now part of the master cards of version 3.0 of our software, says Gilles Coulomb, manager and designer of the Avaloq connector.

We now offer a global dashboarding solution very interesting, relevant and especially fast to implement. This is a strategic project. It must be mastered and controlled by the internal teams of our customers to guarantee that they have the autonomy and independence necessary for their data.