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In the context of the implementation of a “Global MIS”, the private bank Banque Audi (Suisse) SA choose Integraal Solutions. This project is clearly part of a global group management project and enables the integration of key data from the various private banking entities.

This project is strategic as it allows us to consolidate our “MIS Private Banking” expertise but also our knowledge of the Olympic back-office system (ERI Bancaire).

Our experts were able to participate, with the help of the client’s internal teams, in the implementation of a ‘tailor-made’ solution that met the client’s many expectations,” explains Cédric Aeberli, managing partner of Integraal Solutions SA. It also allows us to test our standards and conventions as it is a tailor-made project based on our software components and business know-how.



SMART for Wealth Management

The decision-making platform for the new generation of private banks

A complete decision-making solution for key players in private banking and new generation asset managers.
By deploying a banking Data-HUB connected to the main banking solutions on the market, SMART for Wealth Management brings a common vision and language to the teams. Whether for the CFO, CEO, COO, Controllers, Relationship Managers, Risk, Compliance or operational teams, the indicators are shared and common. A single, universally accepted understanding to support strategy and organizational transformation: this is the challenge of a global data platform. The applications are ready to use, dynamic, interactive and enable the famous next question to be answered. Self-service BI is now a reality, allowing teams to create their own applications, visuals and analyses while taking advantage of the countless possibilities of storytelling.

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By Cédric Aeberli

Fondateur & CEO

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