Solutions for Finance™, efficient and dynamic solutions

Framework Edition

A Standard Banking Data-Hub

‘Framework’ is the industrialization of operations needed to manage a modern and evolving banking Data-HUB. It includes a set of standard connectors for different banking systems on the market and lets you collect, clean, and organize your different data sources.

A single, consistent, and centralized view of your data under the responsibility of Data Managers and technical teams.

Corporate Edition

Ready-To-Use Business Applications

‘Corporate Edition’ offers interactive, dynamic, and ready-to-use business applications made by banking executives for banking executives. Over 10 years of experience and feedback from our eco-system to build a solution that quickly meets the essentials of your needs.

Using a 360° view of the operation details, the applications bring answers to the questions asked by today’s managers.

Collaborative Edition

‘Haute-Couture’ for business needs

‘Collaborative Edition’ gives your organization more flexibility and autonomy. It enables business experts to independently create ad-hoc, collaborative, and “storytelling”-oriented solutions.

Increased user experience with more flexibility and opportunities directly in the hands of business teams so that they can respond independently to the famous next question.


Solutions for FinanceTM is integrated with the main banking platforms of the market such as Avaloq (ASSL), OLYMPIC (Eri Banking), Allocare AMS (Allocare AG), and can handle many other data sources such as your CRMs, PMS, Excel, etc.